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Are You Suffering From Smartphone Addiction?

Nomophobia: no-mobile-phone-phobia.

Are you addicted to your cellphone? Do you find yourself constantly checking your inbox, Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook all day?

You may be suffering from nomophobia, which is short for no-mobile-phone-phobia.

According to data from the Pew Research Center, there has been an increase in the percentage of people who have developed a psychological attachment to their phones.

Symptoms of nomophobia include experiencing feelings of panic or desperation when separated from your smartphone, not being able to focus on conversations or work, and constantly checking phones for notifications.

Dr. David Greenfield, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the University of Connecticut School of Medicine, explains to Business Insider: "Every time you get a notification from your phone, there's a little elevation in dopamine that says you might have something that's compelling, whether that's a text message from someone you like, an email, or anything. The thing is you don't know what it's going to be or when you're going to get it, and that's what compels the brain to keep checking. It's like the world's smallest slot machine." 

Some people also suffer from a condition called cellphone vibration syndrome, where they think their phone is ringing even when it isn't. This condition is linked to addiction to technology.

CGs, do yourself a favor and put your cellphones down. Life is too short and beautiful to be experienced through a screen.


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