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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Aries

Meet Aries, the fiery frontrunner of the zodiac.

March 21 to April 20

Symbol: The Ram

Ruling Planet: Mars

Best Love Match: Libra

Famous Aries: Billie Holiday

Aries is the initiator, trendsetter, and born leader. Bursting with energy, they charge forward through life with a lot of daring, but are also known for acting on impulse. Impatient and out of control when it comes to their anger and aggression, these fiery folks are quick on their feet which fuels their competitive spirit.

At work, Aries is a go-getter.

In the workplace, Aries eagerly steps up to the plate whether they’re a boss, long-time employee, or someone brand new to the team. These independent and innovative thinkers never run out of new ideas. If working on their own, Aries can be in a hurry to implement changes and launch projects—they do things haphazardly when caught up in a rush, thinking, “Done is better than good.” Working with a team, however, slows Aries down and enables them to think outside of themselves to make sure everyone benefits.


Freedom is the most important factor for any Aries in the workplace. These self-starters need space to get creative, experience the self-sufficiency they crave, and lead. A corporate job can feel stifling to this supercharged soul, so side hustles, projects and businesses are a good idea to keep Aries inspired and feeling less restricted.

Aries’ competitive streak can work in their favor career-wise, but can also lead to their downfall. Known for hot tempers (that do fade away pretty quickly too) and raging aggression, they have a reputation for being the sore losers of the zodiac.

In love, Aries puts in the time.

Charming and confident, Aries are masters at making a good first impression. They’re decisive enough to call the shots (you never have to worry about not knowing which movie to see or which restaurant to go to), and sometimes can go overboard with their opinions that it can be off-putting to people who aren’t used to strong personalities.

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Aries’ independence doesn’t completely go away when they’re in a relationship. Their partner needs to give them space. Making allowances for Aries and their all-important regard for alone time ensures that Aries comes back to them fully committed, refreshed, and actually wanting to spend time together. If there’s a sign that can make a long distance relationship work, it may just be Aries, who can hop on a plane on a whim, will appreciate the fact that they can do their own thing, but can expect some FaceTime everyday.

The danger with Aries is their tendency to get bored fast. Always a little restless, they can be high-maintenance to deal with because their partners are constantly figuring out how to keep them constantly interested and entertained. Beware the Aries ex too—geniuses at harboring resentment, they can throw your faults at your face long after the relationship’s over.


Among friends, Aries is there in spirit.

Aries is the constant friend who you know is there for you, even if they don’t always call, text or email. Because Aries is always jumping from one place to another, they’re usually difficult to get a hold of. Don’t take it personally—they’ll be there for you when it counts. Whether they realize it or not, Aries counts on their friends more than they’d like to admit. Their friends act as anchors that keep them tethered to the ground (and reality), especially when they overindulge in their tendency to hop from one social circle to another and one place to the next.

When you do get a hold of an Aries over a coffee or cocktails, expect to be thoroughly entertained. Aries finds salacious gossip hard to resist and can talk their heads off when it comes to people who are on their proverbial hit list. When dealing with their nearest and dearest, Aries pulls off passive aggression like a pro. Expect these talkers to suddenly switch into a quiet, brooding mood when you’ve unknowingly pushed their buttons and frustrated them beyond belief.


With family, Aries is self-assured.

No matter what their birth order position is, Aries will always claim to be “the boss” in the family. It shows that they care for their parents and siblings enough to want to dictate how things should be run (they really believe they’re mostly in the right); but is also representative of their reign of terror—no one’s stricter, more tyrannical and strong-willed than an Aries family member gone wrong.

Aries folks never bother themselves with sibling rivalry. Their self-assuredness has them 100 percent positive that they’re the winners—no one’s a match for their competitive streak. That said, they do carry grudges far longer than necessary, which can be difficult for family to deal with. Healing isn’t a part of Aries’ current vocabulary, but if you give them enough time and space, you can hope for the best and expect it ties to be restored (eventually).


Health-wise, Aries is tireless.

Aries has no problem hitting the gym, joining a marathon (or two), or even turning themselves into all-star triathletes. These super active balls of energy are often looking for outlets and when they’ve found the sport or physical activity that resonates with them, they stick to it, loving the endorphin high. What Aries has to watch out for is the tendency to push too hard, to overexert, and to test the limits. Many Aries folks who fall in love with movement are prone to injury, overworked muscles, and beat-up joints. 

It’ll do well for restless Aries to complement their high-octane levels of activity with a slow, mindful practice like yoga, Tai Chi or Qigong to keep things balanced. Meditative activities or water-based sports like swimming and surfing can help tame fiery Aries, cooling them down and bringing them down to earth.

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