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6 Must-Visit Cafes In Seoul That You're Going To Like A ~Latte~

Seoul is every traveler's dream come true: There are tourist sites waiting for you to be explored, you can shop to your heart's content, dance the night away in clubs—we can go on and on when it comes to South Korea's capital. And in case you're the type who wants to relax during your trip, Seoul has a lot of cafes ~espresso-ly~ for you!

These coffee shops are not the ones you often see in K-dramas. Most of them only have one branch and are not advertised on TV. Instead, you'll find these cafes in the vlogs of your fave South Korean YouTubers, or as recommendations in articles. Here, you can choose from a variety of drinks, pastries, and other meals, and just sit back and admire the view. What makes these coffee shops even more brewtiful is that they have themes, from Korean traditional houses to Jeju-inspired interiors!

In this video, Manila-raised Korean model Hye Won Jang takes us to the *best* cafes in Seoul and shares what makes each of them unique. It's a visual experience you're going to love, and you'll end up bookmarking this story for your trip to SoKor *soon*! 

P.S: If you want to see more of Hye Won's Seoul adventures, go ahead and follow her on Instagram. She also has a separate IG account for her food escapades!


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