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10 Body Positive Instagram Accounts You Need To Follow

Girl, you are 'double-tap'-worthy at ANY size!
PHOTO: Instagram/rownita

Loving yourself is hard fucking work! We are constantly bombarded by messages about how we’re not thin enough, beautiful enough, and even happy enough—as if anyone can be happy 24/7. And let’s face it: a simple affirmation won’t solve our deep-seated body issues, but if we see more women embracing themselves and prioritizing health over weight, we might find the courage to start loving ourselves more.

1. theashleygraham

Ashley Graham is literally EVERYWHERE. She is the first plus-size model to ever grace the cover of Sports Illustrated, and was Cosmopolitan Mexico’s April 2016 cover girl. She also released a behind-the-scenes photo of a music video she did with Joe Jonas’s band, DNCE. Check it out:

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2. honorcurves

Honor started the hashtag movement #HonorMyCurves as a way to empower women to honor what our bodies can do. #HonorMyCurves is wonderful because it shows that body love isn’t easy—it’s bloody and messy and sometimes, you’ll fall off the bandwagon and that’s okay. 

3. bodyposipanda

Megan Jayne Crabbe is the woman behind bodyposipanda. She is an eating disorder survivor and she uses her story to help her followers through recovery. She also routinely posts videos of her dancing (#donthatetheshake) as a way to let the world know that BELLY ROLLS ARE NORMAL. 

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4. healthyisthenewskinny

This is a brand founded by Katie Willcox. #HealthyIsTheNewSkinny is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle, no matter what your size is. It also aims to promote better media coverage for girls and truer media representations of women. 

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5. mynameisjessamyn

Jessamyn Stanley is a yoga teacher and body positive advocate. Excuse me, what? Fat girls aren’t active? Fat girls aren’t healthy? WRONG! Her Instagram account is filled with photos of her doing yoga all over the world.

6. powertoprevail

This is for all the hot mommas out there! Ana Rojas talks about postpartum bodies and the beauty of the "mombod." She helps women accept the realities of motherhood, without all the fluff that comes with most Instagram accounts these days. She is raw and real, folks!

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7. loveyourlines

An entire Instagram account committed to stretchmarks and scars! It is composed of submissions of stretchmarks from all over the world and the personal stories behind them. Mothers aren’t the only ones who have these love-lines. You can get them via weight gain or weight loss. Be proud of those tiger strips, ladies!

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8. joannathangiah

We are OBSESSED with this woman’s ability to combine art and body love in one drawing! She also addresses women’s issues like reproductive health, body-shaming, and slut-shaming.

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How can we not include these twinsanely awesome women?! As body activists and plus-size models, Danah and Stacy Gutierrez are changing the game. P.S. They were part of the 10 Fun, Fearless, Females in Cosmopolitan Philippines' May issue!  

10. rownita

Rona Samson-Tai is a body image warrior and fitness advocate. On her Instagram, she documents her meals and her workouts and addresses issues on body-shaming. Rona was also featured in Cosmopolitan Philippines this month where she shows our readers how to look damn hot at any size and in any style. 

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