Bruno Mars' VS Fashion Show Performance Highlights How Impossible It Is To Have A Female Body

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The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show aired on Monday, and during the PINK section, Bruno Mars took the stage in a fur coat and sang his new song "Chunky." It's an upbeat track that follows his funky new sound, but it's also an ode to curvy women.

In it, he sings: "Ooh, Chunky. Looking for them girls with the big old hoops that drop it down in Daisy Dukes… You got what I want (I got what you want). Girl, you got what I need (I got what you need). 37-27-42… Ooh, squeeze all of that into my coupe. Girl, I choo-oose you."

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It's catchy, and the lyrics seem to be body-positive. That is, until you realize that he song's title is in itself an insult used to degrade heavier women. Oh, and also those "chunky" measurements he describes are just those of an average woman with a bigger booty. Not to mention the fact that this woman is nothing more than an object of desire to good ol' Bruno.

Setting that aside for a moment, it was also kind of fucked up that the body-type Bruno says he finds desirable—that of what's marketed as a full-figured woman—could be found no where in the show. Certainly not in the PINK section, and not anywhere else. 

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As Mars waxed poetic about big booties and ample cleave, it was downright jarring to see straight-figured models with little-to-no body fat trotting down the runway. 

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Just one more way the V.S. Fashion Show reinforces unrealistic body standards. And one more reason Lady Gaga should have just performed for the entire duration of the show, IMO.

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