6 Budget-Friendly Staycation Ideas

Money won't be an issue.
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Money is arguably our top stressor. And even when we desperately need a break, we push ourselves to keep going. But a break from work (and sometimes from people) can be both cheap and fun. 

1. Enjoy the outdoors.

Put your phone down, and take advantage of what little greenery we have in Manila. Ride your bike or walk your dog at Quezon Memorial Circle. Or go for a run at Ayala Triangle Gardens! 

2. Go museum-hopping. 

Did you know that entrance to the National Museum is now permanently free?! And other museums don't have exorbitant fees either. Not only will you be saving money, you'll be learning more about our culture. Win-win!

3. Be a local tourist.

Relive those little field trips you used to have in grade school. When was the last time you went to Intramuros? Have you ever gone on a Binondo tour? You don't even have to go on an "official" tour. DIY it, girls!

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4. Host an arts and crafts day. 

Most of us have responsibilities that take up most of our time. We neglect to foster our creative side. What better time to pick up a paint brush than your next staycation? You can also take that time to learn something new! Just because you're on vacation doesn't mean you have to turn your brain off. 

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5. Learn a new recipe.

It can be something as simple as baking brownies to preparing a three-course meal! Get fresh ingredients at the nearest market, and whip up something amazing in the kitchen. 

6. Follow a YouTube tutorial you have bookmarked. 

A makeup look you want to perfect? An elegant but complicated braid you want to learn? You finally have some down time! Do it! Or call the girls so you can all learn together. Girls' Night In! <3

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