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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Cancer

Meet Cancer, the zodiac’s sensitive feelers.
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June 21 to July 22

Symbol: The Crab

Ruling Planet: Moon

Best Love Match: Pisces

Famous Cancer: Princess Diana

The empaths of the zodiac, Cancers feel it all. They pick up on everyone’s feelings and are inherently emotional themselves. Their moods roll with the tides as they are ruled by the Moon. Their proverbial hard shell keeps them from exposing their insecurity—something they constantly try to battle and balance.

At work, Cancer wants everyone on the same page.

Above and beyond the usual deliverables, deadlines, and To Do’s on the job, Cancer needs a work environment that’s emotionally sound. They’d love it if everyone at the office had a genuine Kumbaya vibe going around, but would happily settle for polite, respectful agreement between everyone on the team. Just because their focus is on rapport, doesn’t mean they won’t be demanding a bang-up job from everyone either. Once their mood is set, Cancer will expect excellent work from everyone.

Loyal, sometimes to a fault, Cancer is perfectly happy staying in the same line of work over a number of years without much drama. Happy to be tied down to a stream of consistent tasks, they’ll produce quality work and even go above and beyond what’s required, just because. As much as drama surrounds Cancer, they’re pretty low-key when it comes to their career.

When the mood strikes, imaginative Cancer will pull all stops when it comes to out of the box and creative ideas. When they’re comfortable enough to creep out of their shells, they do it popping.


In love, Cancer is as giving as they are protective of themselves.

Cancer is as affectionate as they get. These nurturers have a knack for anticipating their partner’s needs and tending to even the subtlest wants, needs and desires. They’ll go the extra mile to make sure their relationship is doing well and that their partner is happy—which works great if they’re paired up with someone who doesn’t mind 24/7 companionship.

Relationships are totally the realm of Cancer, who’s adept at emotions and navigates them better than any other sign in the zodiac. Upon first impression, Cancer can downplay infatuation and attraction, keeping things pretty low key. But go on a second, third, and fourth date, and know that they’ll be investing pretty seriously. Cancers are comfortable in steady and committed relationships.

Rejection is a sore point for Cancer and if a relationship goes south, they’re better off being the dumpers than being afflicted with all the pains of being the dumpees. Resentfulness is a given as far as Cancer goes—be cautious you don’t test them.

Cancer dedicates them selflessly to friends.

Cancer takes the “best” in best friend pretty seriously. They’ll be a staple in your life once that friendship is solidified—showing up for every birthday, graduation, family reunion. They’ll be at your beck and call and will respond to every bat signal you send out. These loyal folks show a genuine interest in your life and are a wonderful safety net for people who are lonely and need genuine friendship in their lives. When Cancer commits to you, they’re there no matter what.

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It’s important for Cancer to touch base with their friends constantly. They relish regular catch-ups and are often happy to dole out advice (solicited and unsolicited) to those in their circle. They’re always genuinely curious about what’s going on in everyone’s lives, but sometimes can go overboard, becoming intrusive and non-stop with the questions. They’re just as touchy-feely with friend as they are with their romantic partners, and want to be included in everyone’s plans all the time.

In family matters, Cancer wants to feel cared for.

Because Cancer is so generous with their affection, they have a tendency to demand the same amount of care from family. They won’t ask for it or make any actual demands, but the feeling will fester inside them until they get the nurturing they’re looking for. Among siblings, they don’t mind not having the spotlight and will eagerly take on a second parent role, making sure that everyone else is looked after. They’ll pitch in at family gatherings, no problem, as they always want things to run smoothly.

When Cancer is in a particular mood, however, their family will have to contend with their self-absorbed tendencies. When provoked, they become extra defensive and remove themselves completely from everything that’s going on with the family. It’ll take a lot of prodding to undo Cancer’s walls once they’re up.

Cancers are wonderful memory-keepers and can typically trace their family history without batting an eyelash. That said, they can also hold on to past trauma and old hurts, using them to build resentment toward anyone who raises issues with them at present.


In health, Cancer’s cure is saltwater.

As the crabs of the zodiac, one of Cancer’s basic requirements to feel healed and restored is the element of water. When they’re going through an emotionally shaky time, they’d do well to pour some Epsom salt into a warm bath and give themselves a good, comforting soak.

Beach trips are also a great way for Cancer to recharge. Whether or not they get their heart rate up by jumping into watersports, what’s important for them is they get to dig their toes in the sand, hear the waves crash, and feel the water against their skin.

Because they are prone to reactivity to their emotions, Cancer needs to build a mindfulness habit. Finding backup through a support group, therapy, or even through new age spiritual practices can help them find footing amidst all their feelings.

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