Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Capricorn

You can’t fool around with a Capricorn.
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December 21 to January 20

Symbol: The Goat

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Best Love Match: Taurus

Famous Capricorn: Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge

You can’t fool around with a Capricorn—they’re so serious, they won’t get the joke. These uber goal-oriented, responsible folks are the reasons why the world works efficiently when systems are in place and operating well. Their main challenge is learning how to relax and find their chill.

At work, Capricorn is made for the corporate ladder.

If their track record in school is any indication, Capricorn is going to do well in a nine to five, corporate environment. They take instructions well, will work on any task assigned to them, and have enough hutzpah to want to move up, one milestone and one achievement at a time. Loyal to almost a fault, they’ll dedicate themselves to a company they grow with, and may even stick with the same job until early retirement becomes a valid and fruitful possibility.

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When put in a position of authority, Capricorn eases into the boss persona without any difficulty. They’ll delegate and lead, and everyone else will probably be too intimidated or impressed by them to try anything funny.

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Capricorns can be very critical of themselves and the people they deal with. Not used to failure, they are probably harder on themselves than anyone else. If you’re on the short end of the stick when it comes to Capricorn’s temper, know that they’re probably giving themselves an even worse talking-to.

In love, Capricorn doesn’t kiss and tell.

Capricorn takes their love life just as seriously as everything else. They never go into anything with one foot in and the other one out. When they dive into a relationship, they do it with full and unhindered dedication. Capricorn doesn’t take romance lightly, which is why they like to keep things under wraps, especially when it hasn’t reached marriage level yet. They’re only ready to come out with it when it’s time to recite the vows.

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Because Capricorns are so ambitious, they get a bad rap for using marriage to secure status and move themselves up the social strata. Whether it’s true or not, you can trust a Capricorn to be in it for the long haul once she commits. No backing out.

Capricorn can also be so caught up in not making any public faux pas, that they can come off as tightly wound and incredibly stiff. It will do them well to lighten up in matters of love—especially when a relationship is still new and noncommittal. 

Capricorn is the classic shoulder to cry on.

No matter what bind you find yourself in, Capricorn will be there for you. While they’re not the most emotionally and empathic characters of the zodiac, they take their friendships seriously and will pull through even if the tears won’t be pouring down their cheeks as they commiserate with you. They hold friends in very high esteem, and if you find yourself best friends with a Capricorn, chances are you’ll feel cared for. They’ll show it in their own detached way, but you’ll feel it nonetheless.

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What Capricorn doesn’t have the patience for, even among friends, is lack of efficiency. So if you’re going to be wasting their time with your indecision, laziness or overall flakiness, don’t be surprised if they start making themselves scarce. Get on their good side, however, and they’ll put your life in order, which is something we all could use, tbh).

Among family, Capricorn is cooperative.

Never one to rock the boat, Capricorn is happy to disappear into the background just as long as everyone around them gets along. They won’t hog the spotlight or fight for a parent’s attention. Instead, they’ll be the “good” kid—following directions, caring fairly for everyone around them, and reveling in close family ties. Capricorn is happy when things are stable and secure—this starts from a young age and among family members.

Because they’re so serious and hardly ever light-hearted, Capricorns are usually perceived as “old souls” who would rather hang out with their grandparents at the kitchen table than frolic with the other kids out in the garden.

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If there’s a tiff among family members, you can bet that Capricorn won’t easily give way, forgive or extend an olive branch. Known to hold grudges, they like to bring up past issues and traumatic situations to justify their unwillingness to negotiate or fold.

In health, Capricorn needs to work on flexibility.

If Capricorn’s physicality mirrored their personality, it is no surprise that they have problems with being too stiff and rigid. Without the proper workout, Capricorns can easily have trouble with their joints—knees, ankles and even shoulders can tighten up and make it difficult for them to experience mobility. Exercises like yoga and Pilates, which help build strength as well as flexibility are key for Capricorn.

Not only are these activities great for their bodies, but they can also help regulate Capricorn’s breathing, giving them a method of relaxation that they can “study” and learn over time. These creatures constantly have their eyes on the future and barely experience being “present.” Breathwork is a wonderful way to work around this.

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Mental health can be a pressing issue for many Capricorns. Exercising a digital detox every so often, taking frequent vacations out of the city and into nature, and simply disconnecting from any tech can help rewire their highly-stressed out nervous systems.

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