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10 Reasons Why You Should Never Be Late

So what if we're in the Philippines? Being late has got to stop for everyone's good.

1. It gives a bad impression of you during job interviews. Nothing shows you didn't want the job enough than being late on your job interview. Frankly, the burden of your being late falls on you because you're going to have to do some damage control and a lot of proving yourself to the interviewers. How will they know you're capable of the work if you can't even manage to be punctual?

2. Being late is disrespectful to other people’s time. You're telling them that they're not your priority at all even if you already agreed to meet them or show up at their event. That's just mean and stupid. Why dafuq did you say you'll see them in the first place?

3. Being late shows you’re an inconsiderate prick. Other people have their own lives to live, you know. Not everything is about you, and hardly anything revolves around you. The time people spend waiting is their time wasted. They could've done so many things in those two hours at home or in the office! But no, they were just waiting.

4. You’re making yourself more superior. Honey, just what makes you think you're more superior than the rest of us? Money? Educational attainment? A graduate of a top university? Please. You can't even do your things on your own.

Want to show power? Well, nothing shows power than meeting the time and coming out very, very polished and put together. Think about it.

5. You're not being productive. The optimal output can be achieved when everyone is on time. But when you're late, you ruin this productivity and you piss off those people who were punctual. And because it sucks to be on time when others aren't, the people who are punctual will decide not to be on time anymore. 


6. You're wasting money. If your productivity is tied to money and you're late (hence not being productive), then you're not maximizing your monetary benefits.

If you're getting paid following a strict 8 to 5 schedule, being late for an hour gets your salary deducted. You waste the money you could have had.

7. You help push back the schedule, agenda, or itinerary. The thing is, a lot of people think "Everyone's going to be late anyway, so it's okay that I'll be late." Plans get pushed back, and everything else is compromised. 

8. It shows you don't know how to manage your time. If you think being late implies that you're so busy and important, you're wrong. Juggling things and not even knowing how to do it?! How unprofessional and amateurish.

9. It shows you don't know how to say "no." Which means you're a pushover and incapable of asserting yourself. That's not leader material.

10. No one wants to deal with someone who can’t meet deadlines. Being late doesn't just apply to your showing up at a meeting or event, but also to submitting requirements. It's hard to work with someone so unreliable; no one would want to work with that kind of person. Sure, the work you did might be great, that's why you submitted it late. But honestly, the company you work for can EASILY replace you with someone who can do things just as great or even better, and pass them on time.

Your good work also becomes the consolation price, as in, "Hay, buti na lang maayos yung gawa niya." Your good and hard work doesn't merit you in this case.

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If you didn't even bother submitting something of quality when you're already lategood luck in life. You need it.

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