10 Workers Reveal Secrets You'd Never Know About Their Professions

OH MY GOD, never eating a fast-food burger ever again.

The chances are, you probably know your profession inside out. But after discovering this Reddit thread, where users were asked to reveal secrets only people in that line of work would know, we've realized there's a LOT we could be learning.

So scroll through this list of shocking revelations and life hacks, and learn a whole host of things you may or may not have wanted to know.

1. Dentists: It's not always your best interests they have at heart.

"If it's a large cavity we will tell you that the tooth needs to be pulled instead of filling it because it doesn't cost us any materials to pull a tooth (except gauze and the anesthetic cartridges). I have worked in three dental health clinics and have seen this done too many times to count." 

2. Supermarket workers: Always take from the back.

"The oldest food is in the front. Get in the back of the shelf for the stuff that will last longer."

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3. Hotel staff: Those beds aren't always QUITE as clean as we'd hope.

"The down blankets are not always washed, only the sheets and thin blankets. The top cover is only washed on occasion but not after every check out. I don't know if all hotels are like this, but the ones I worked at are." -Anonymous

4. Baristas: Be nice or you won't get your caffeine fix.

"As a former barista, if you treated me or anyone on staff with a bad attitude, you most certainly were given decaf espresso. I did that for three years and nobody ever noticed/complained. DON'T MESS WITH PEOPLE WHO HANDLE YOUR FOOD."

5. Starbucks baristas: Quantity doesn't equal quality.

"At Starbucks the only difference between a grande and a venti is that you get more milk. You pay extra for a little bit of milk. No extra coffee. Unless you're getting a flavored drink. Then you also get one more pump of flavoring. Really, though, it's not worth it for espresso drinks." -Anonymous

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6. Food product makers: It's all the same underneath the packaging

"Food products: one brand is the exact same as the other. [Real life] experience: "OK 'pause' the production line so I can change the packaging to 'Great Value.'"

7. Visual effects artists: The television world is one great big filter.

"Everything you see on television is fake. Or at least enhanced."

8. Lifeguards: Make sure you know how to swim.

"We only get recertified every three years for the big stuff: water rescue, backboarding, etc. If someone's lazy (doesn't keep in shape, doesn't review procedure regularly) or only barely passed their cert (you only need an 80 on the paper test which you get two shots at, and you get several tries at perfecting each skill on the practical test), they may be qualified on paper but not qualified in real ability to save your drowning ass.

"Best to be safe and know how to swim and know your own limits."

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9. Fast food restaurant buyers: You probably won't ever buy from a fast food chain after reading this.

"I'm a former purchasing agent for several fast food chains. There is a national (American-based) chain whose contract with their beef suppliers says that no more than 10 percent of the weight of the meat can be fecal matter. In other words, they're OK with up to 10 percent feces."

10. Chefs: Don't eat out all the time.

"Chef here, you eat waaaay more salt and fat when you eat at restaurants instead of eating at home. That's why it tastes so fuckin good."

Now GO, be free and live your best life.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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