16 Small Ways To Save Money Every Day Without Even Realizing It

These tiny tips add up to BIG savings.

1. Get into the routine of doing a weekly/monthly shop instead of popping out "if and when."

2. Cook your favorite dishes in bulk so you can freeze and defrost another night. Why buy ready meals when you can make your own? 

3. Don't kid yourself that you'll put "whatever's left" into savings at the end of the month. You won't. Arrange an automatic transfer from your account to your savings on pay day so the money is saved instantly. 

4. Make a packed lunch. Sure, it's not as exciting as that fuss-free shop-bought lunch but making your own salads and sandwiches can save you a lot in a week!  

5. Save your change. It's amazing how quickly a pint glass of loose change becomes 50 pesos. 

6. When you go food shopping, make a list and STICK TO IT. If that jumbo pack of biscuits wasn't on your list, chances are you'll survive without it. 

7. Use free fitness apps instead and save on pesky gym fees. There are a LOT of workouts available for free—just search what you're looking for! Our favorite? Nike Training Club!

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8. Have a night in with friends instead of a night out. Shop-bought booze and iflix is WAY cheaper than a night in a bar. 

9. Don't fall for 2 for 1-type deals unless it's something you can freeze or has a really long shelf life.

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10. Withdraw yourself a cash limit for the week and get a friend to hide your debit card. You'll still have enough money, but overspending will be out of the question. 

11. Make sure you know all of the benefits your employer provides and take advantage of things like eye test vouchers to discounted gym deals. Every little thing helps.

12. Decide on a coin and "collect" it instead of spending it. Those 25-centavo pieces will quickly add up! 

13. Give up expensive habits. Whether that's cigarettes or nightly Krispy Kremes: Muster the courage to ditch your habits and you'll reap the banking benefits. 

14. Delete your credit cards from your online shopping accounts. One small click can mean one giant saving for your finances.

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15. Get excited about food. In most cases, cooking something amazing in your own kitchen will be way cheaper than restaurant prices. Here are some easy dinner recipes to get you started! 

16. Learn how to make your favorite restaurant recipes, too. There's a reason they sell sauces in groceries, y'know.


This article originally appeared on Cosmopolitan.co.uk. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors.

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