3 Job Hunting Tips For Those Switching Careers

Don't worry, you're not starting from zero. Use your experience to your advantage!

You quit your 7-year job and you're planning to enter a totally different industry. While you're in line for your interview at this cool new start-up, you realize that everyone's at least 5 years younger than you. Do you have a fighting chance of being chosen over them? Of course!

1. Get your technical skills at par with the young ones.
In today’s work environment, knowing how to use a computer, navigate one’s way on the Internet, and being tech savvy aren’t special skills anymore. But aside from those, the position you’re applying for may also need you to brush up on certain technical skills. Ask a younger family member for help so you can learn at least the basics of the program or the software you might actually use on the job. Or check YouTube for free tutorials—you'll never know what you'll find!

2. Dress for your age.
The outfits you may have worn the last time you were doing job interview rounds are most likely outdated by now. Stick with classic pieces like a black pencil skirt, a crisp white polo, and a pair of suede heels.

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3. Make your more extensive experience your edge.
If you have spent several years generally holding the same responsibilities and are applying for a similar position, make this work in your favor by highlighting your experience. With your background, the company doesn’t have to spend as much as they would with a fresh graduate in training. In fact, they will be benefiting from the knowledge you have gained over the years.


This article originally appeared on Jobstreet.com.ph. Minor edits have been made by the Cosmo.ph editors. Read the full story here.

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