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5 Ways Showing Sadness Can Help You Get What You Want

You don't have to be a robot in the office!

Espressing sadness can work to your advantage, according to a study published in the Journal of Applied Psychology. This is especially the case when you're negotiating. (Read: bargaining too!) It can even apply to your work life, in spite of people saying you always have to keep a poker face when you're on the brink of losing your cool. Why? Because it makes the other person concerned about you. So here are ways you can show you're sad (or even fake it) to get what you want:

1. Consider the social situation.

Does the circumstance call for great emotion, and if you do become emotional, will the people around you have reason to care? If your emotions are out of place, you're bound to turn people off already. You want them to have reason to care for you, because when they do that's when they'll listen to you more and concede to what you want. That means crying at a job interview when it isn't going well won't give you the job.

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2. Make yourself look like you're less powerful.

You may actually be less powerful or not due to your position, but when you want something, all the more you should play that card. When people think you're powerless or in need of something, other people would feel like they're socially responsible for you and try to do what they can in your favor.

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3. Establish some kind of bond with the person you're negotiating with.

You up your chances of getting what you want if there's solidarity between you two, precisely because there's motivation for that person to listen to your wishes. Research has also found that your chances of interacting with that person in the future can also make your sadness get to them. It's 'cos seeing each other in the future or having a relationship that would last can further induce concern.

4. Make it look that having things go your way will also benefit other people.

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People are more likely to do what you want them to do if they know they'll get something from it. That's just how it works: People know what's in it for them. So by framing things to benefiting other people (especially the one you're negotiating with), BINGO. You got it.

5. Be genuine (or be convincingly sad). 

There are people who can tell if you're faking the sadness to get what you want. They'll see your exaggerated movements or expressions and see right through you. So be genuine with your sadness (or look the part), and know when you should be pulling someone's leg. 

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