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7 Reasons Why You're Not The Boss

And you're wondering why you're not getting promoted.

1. You’re not a team player.
Sure, you can work independently, but that doesn’t mean you can just do your shit and not help your teammates. In "14 Bad Habits That Can Cost You Your Job," Dr. Katherine Brooks, author of You Majored in What? Mapping Your Path from Chaos to Career, shares that team players experience more success at work. She explains, “Team-playing involves a lot of positive behaviors including giving credit where it is due (that is, not taking credit for work which a colleague did), helping others when possible, [and] doing tasks that aren’t necessarily in your job description." Working well with others means getting the support of your colleagues when the time comes that you'll need them to root for you!

2. You feel entitled.
Just because you did a great job once doesn’t mean you’re already entitled to being promoted and becoming the boss. In the article "10 Reasons You’re Not the Boss," Allison Green, author of the book Managing to Change the World: The Nonprofit Manager’s Guide to Getting Results, says, "Entitlement from someone at the junior level is hard to deal with. No employer wants to deal with an employee who tries to exempt herself from the policies and procedures that everyone else has to follow." 

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3. You suck at time management.
According to Roxanne Peplow, a business career program instructor and student services adviser at the Computer Systems Institute, "If you constantly arrive late, it displays an attitude of complacency and carelessness. Be prompt to show that you are time conscious and you care about your job and other people’s time as well." 

4. You complain. Like, a lot.
No employer likes to see or hear employees complain too much. In the same article, "14 Bad Habits that Can Cost You Your Job," Amy Hoover, president of Talent Zoo, shares: "Negative employees are often referred to as 'cancer' by upper management for good reason: they will eventually be cut out." If you don’t like what you’re doing or the policies being enforced, talk to your supervisor. If you’re still not happy, just leave. Remember that office policies are made for the greater good of the company and not just for you. 

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5. You question every single decision made by your boss.
Your boss doesn’t need to tell you why she cut the budget for this year’s out of town trip or why she’s not getting a new assistant—there are certain issues that are on a need to know basis, and are the concern of only the top management. According to Peplow, "Manners are important, so don’t be rude. The most important things are what we learned when we were little. And above all, when you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all." It's okay to inquire, but do not pry. 

6. You’re arrogant.
Read the article "Why Your Boss Still Hasn’t Promoted You: It All Comes Down to This," specifically: "obnoxious and bratty behavior that could net you a reality show isn’t the professional attitude that is appreciated by bosses. If you embarrass, offend, or anger co-workers with your demeanor, you can bet the boss doesn’t want you carrying your offensiveness into a leadership position."

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7. You’re not good with receiving feedback.
Constructive criticism is good. Your boss is there to guide you, and his or her comments might even help you get promoted in the future. Accept feedback with grace, and resist the urge to defend yourself. Take note, learn from your mistakes, and do better. Humility and resilience can go a long way.