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9 Reasons Why It's Great To Be Thrifty

You won't be starving 'til the next pay day. Woohoo!

1. You won’t be starving or miserable until the next pay day. Your wise spending habits will mean all your days are accounted precisely because you still have money you can spend for your needs and the little treats you want.

2. You save more than just money. If you don’t shop every single week, the time and effort you would’ve spent finding a cab or waiting for the train to go to the mall and back home could be spent sleeping more, working out, reading the news or a book, or learning to cook something healthy. These things, because they make you strong or develop some skills, will do more good for you in the long run.

3. It keeps you independent in the future. You won’t be borrowing money or be unable to pay loaned money ’cos you didn’t blow your savings on things like overpriced food or traveling when you don’t have much cash left. This also means not giving yourself a bad rep—you’re not known for being unwise or irresponsible, or someone who can’t keep her promises. (“I’ll pay you back next week. Promise” Yeah, right.)


4. It means you can enjoy the priceless things and see the value in them. People spend not only because they want this certain object, but also because they want what that thing symbolizes (like class or power). That said, to those types of guys, measuring the value of things and people is most likely second nature and they think that the more expensive an object, the more its value is.

But if you’re thrifty you focus on quality, not quantity. You’ll see the value of many things—both the tangible and the nontangible—and appreciate them.

5. You’re a disciplined person. How disciplined you are with money matters can extend to other aspects of your life. You’ll know how to say no things that won’t be good in hindsight, like a night out drinking when you have to go to work early the following day.

6. You’re patient, too. You know that waiting a few months for clothes or to go out of town won’t kill you. That’s great on its own, and great too because you don’t seem spoiled.

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7. You’re able to see a bigger picture of life. You know that you can’t just throw your money around because you might need a lot of money one day, be it for an emergency or for a special occasion. What more, you know money isn’t always easy to come by and you can easily lose it from market crashes, financial crises, or bad investments. It’ll guide you in making wise financial choices, really.

8. You have resources for the rainy day. Depending on the situation, the amount of money you have may not be enough to get out of the hole you’re in, but at least you have money. You’ll borrow less than you would if you didn’t have cash, which means you can probably pay that amount. As long as you have money, you can pretty much make that grow.

9. You see through bullshit marketing that results in highway robbery. You value money, so it’s easy for you to see when people don’t. You can easily spot overpriced things that are really not worth the bucks and you just know there are better alternatives for less. You’re no fool.


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