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9 Reasons Why You Should Get An Internship

It may be your ticket to fast-tracked employment.

1. It’s the perfect supplement to your college classes.

What better way to put theories into practice than applying what you’ve learned? Being textbook savvy makes you competitive in the academe (and yes it will get you on the Dean’s List, stat!), but everything changes when you enter the workforce. This is where learning truly begins.

2. Connections, connections, connections!

Internships are a vast playground of meeting professionals and influencers from different backgrounds. It’s about time you meet, mix, and mingle with your colleagues and people from your industry of choice, especially when nowadays, networking is the name of the game.

3. Internships are instant confidence boosters.

Seeing your name on the magazine’s staff box? Being part of the committee credited for such a successful launch? Getting invited to the newest “it” place opening? These little victories are an intern’s invisible high heels; they’re symbols of being able to walk the talk.


4. It’s a fail-proof test on industry compatibility.

“What if production is not something I want to pursue after graduation?” Most students fear that their degrees don’t necessarily match their goals anymore. Internships are a way to test these doubts!

5. Internships are Silverstein’s “The Giving Tree” come to life.

Internships just give and give and give and give! The amount of learning you would get from exposing yourself to the real world early on will definitely help you move forward. Think of it as preschool for adults; you learn all the fundamentals here.

6. $$$

Some internships would provide allowances, too! So yes, you can finally buy that lippie you’ve wanted for so long and claim, “I bought this with my hard-earned money!”

7. It may be your ticket to fast-tracked employment.

If you impress your bosses and do one heck of a job during your stint, chances are high that they would want to hire you right after you graduate.

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8. The experiences are unparalleled.

Trust us.

9. Finally, it’s good for you. It will always be good for you.

Internships mold your character, train you to be sharper, and give you an edge among your peers. There is something so fulfilling about being able to contribute to an organization and we recommend that you try it out for yourself this summer. Nothing to lose, everything to gain!


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