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Here's How To Not Overspend On Sale Season

Don't be fooled by the 50% price reduction.

Start by sourcing.

You’ve probably been doing it but just haven’t noticed. Like in any other shopping trip, scout the stores for things that you might want to buy. It’s basically window shopping while mentally bookmarking items. Start with the jackets and dresses since they’re normally pricier which would make you not buy them at regular price.

Factor in how much you'll spend for adjustments.

It’s easy to trick yourself into buying everything you want when it’s on further reduction, especially when it’s something you really, really like for 70% off. But when you try it on and it doesn’t fit right and you figure you’d still have to take it to a tailor for adjustments, put it back on the rack. The time, gas, and effort to have that done is too much of a hassle and might actually cost you the same as buying it at regular price.

Seven words, one question.

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Would I buy it at regular price?

If no, then maybe the price tag is just blurring your judgment.

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