My Boss Micromanages EVERYTHING I Do. Help!

Plus other types of horrible bosses and how to deal.

In an ideal world, we would all have bosses we love—those who groom us for success, make us feel appreciated, and motivate us to be better. Unfortunately, the world is not perfect, and some bosses just make your life a living hell. Here, we show you ways on how you can deal with difficult types of bosses.

There is a fine line between being meticulous and being a micromanager. This is the boss who pays attention to every single detail and while that's great, it can get really annoying sometimes. Hence, you probably feel like you have to constantly seek his approval for EVERYTHING.

What to do: Always be one step ahead. Pay close attention to how he thinks and to what he constantly demands from you.

The Slave Driver
This type of boss is what nightmares are made of. Oh, so there’s a really strong bagyo and baha and there is no way you can leave for work? Yep, you still have to!

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What to do: Your boss just needs assurance that you’re not just making excuses to avoid work. Always bring your A-game when accomplishing tasks: submit on time or ahead and finish everything that you need to do.

The Lasher
This type of boss is the one who flares out in every way possible. You’d rather not open his e-mail, because it’s probably filled with so much hate and anger. A one-on-one meeting becomes a company affair because everyone in the office can hear your boss’ voice as he points out how incompetent you are.

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What to do: Always remember to compose yourself before you answer back. And when you’re asked to explain yourself, don’t be too defensive. Most of the time, these bosses aren’t even aware that they’re being offensive, so tell them that you would rather speak to him in the privacy of a meeting room.


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