How To Decline A Job Offer

Be polite and decisive.

There are three ways to deal with job offers–accept, reject, or think things through when you happen to be offered more than one. If you choose to decline a particular job, do you know what to do? You're not supposed to ignore phone calls or hide from the company. So if you find yourself in this awkward situation, here's what to do:

1. Be decisive about it.
Declining a job offer is one of those decisions you cannot be fickle-minded about. You cannot say no to a job one day and have a change of heart a day after. Line up all your reasons for and against the offer. Give all of them due consideration, and if you have decided that the cons outweigh the pros, act on it.  You want to start things right with a new company, not be known in the company’s circles as the “flake who thought he was too good for us still ended up here.”

2. Do it ASAP.
If you receive an offer for a job that you do not want or cannot accept after thinking long and hard about it, you need to let the employer know as soon as possible so they can continue looking for a candidate. Don’t leave them hanging as that might be tantamount to burning bridges.

3. Inform the company.
Yes, there are actually people who think that by ignoring phone calls and emails, the company will take a hint and the awkwardness of declining an offer will just fade away. That is unprofessional behavior, which is a no-no in the world of job hunting. If you have  decided not to take up an offer and the company has yet to get back to you, take the initiative to call or email them.


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