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5 Things You Can Do To Convince Your Boss You Deserve A Raise

Without having to ask for it.
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There's this misconception that only competitive, ambitious people want to get ahead. But the truth is, none of us would turn down a raise, am I right? The tricky part is that even if you're practically the Employee of the Month—you meet deadlines, you're never late, and you're a team player—that doesn't guarantee a promotion.

To actually get promoted, you have to go above and beyond. You have to add value to your company and to your team, and you have to make yourself indispensable.

Here's how you can do it:

1. Keep up with your company and your industry.

Meeting the bare minimum makes you a good employee, but knowing the ins and outs of your industry makes you a great one. Study your competitors, and instead of copying their style, ask yourself how you can make it better. Research new developments and figure out how you can apply them to your daily tasks. This will show your boss that you know why your job matters. 

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2. Adopt your boss' goals for the team.

This is a hard thing to do in the beginning, especially if you're just getting a feel for your new job. But eventually, it'll benefit you to learn about what your boss wants for the team, where she wants you all to be in a few years, and what it'll take to get there. You don't have to have to all the answers, but anticipating her goals and being able to send her regular updates on what you’re doing to help get the team there show enthusiasm and commitment.

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3. Address your mistakes right away.

Nobody's perfect. You're bound to make a mistake at some point, and instead of waiting for your boss to bring it up, unahan mo na siya. Don't let her hear about it from someone else. Tell her what happened, and have a solution ready.

4. Expand your skill set.

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Sure, you could always ask for additional training, but what's more impressive is being proactive and just going for it. With the internet being an endless pit of information, you probably won't even have to pay for it. I mean, there's a YouTube tutorial for practically everything. Attending workshops aren't exorbitant, either.

5. Connect with other teams or departments.

Beyond building relationships within your team, it's also important to get to know other people in different departments. If you don't know this already, connecting with another person is more crucial (and more effective) than going through department protocol. If you or your boss needs something done quickly, having connections in other departments can make your lives easier.

Source: The Muse 

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