How To Survive Your First Day Of Work

Kaya mo 'yan!

Save yourself from having a panic attack on your first day at work. Here, tips on how you can breeze through your first day and shake off the nerves: 

Don't feel pressured to be liked by everyone—immediately.
Want to make new friends? That's okay! Ask your new officemates if you can sit beside them during lunch, so you can really get to know them. Try not to come off as someone too strong by being chummy with everyone. Avoid butting into conversations and volunteering to do work, just so they'll like you. Remember: It’s not only you who’s adjusting; they are, too.

Play the familiarity card.
Is there a friend or former colleague in the area of your new workplace? Do you actually know someone in your new office from before? Ask them to lunch or merienda!

Explore the area.
Everything around you may be new, so why not use the free time to explore it? Ask your officemates for routes you can take, so you can come to work on time. Ask them for nearby restaurants and food stalls where you can buy lunch. Search for bus stops, taxi stands, shuttle services, and convenience stores around the area.

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Know everyone by their first name.
Sure, this takes a while, but nothing is more irritating than someone calling you "psst,” “teh,” or “hoy” because they can't remember your name. Not good at learning names easily? You can always use "sir" or "ma'am" to be safe.

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Never assume that an employee in jeans and a plain tee is an intern and someone in a suit is a manager. Learn everyone’s name and what their functions are in the company to avoid first day boo-boos that may haunt you for the rest of your stay in the company.

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