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Do You Really Need To Include An 'Objective' In Your Resume?

Well...It depends.
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When was the last time you edited your CV? Was it when you and the rest of your batch followed the same template before your college graduation? If the answer is yes, then you most likely have an "objective" section on your CV… But does it *really* need to be there? 

Some say it's necessary, while others believe you can do without it. 

If your CV and cover letter are detailed enough or self-explanatory, you don't need to include an objective statement. Think about it this way: An objective is like a written version of your answer to "Tell me about yourself." And when you answer that question, you don't just recite what's on your CV, right?

That said, you should include an objective when you want to explain an experience that isn't covered in detail in your CV or cover letter—like when you're entering a different industry or just graduating from school. Personally, writing an objective really helped me land a few freelance projects after I spent six months traveling, because it's where I explained the gap in my employment history. 

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Also, keep in mind that you can't just say something as bland as, "I'm looking for a research position to gain more experience and polish my writing skills." That's a good way to get a hard pass from a potential employer. When writing an objective statement, think about what you can offer them instead of the other way around.

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