Oh, So You're Buying A New Car, Huh?

Is it for practicality or pleasure?

One day, you wake up and realize it's time to get a new car. Now, "new" doesn't necessarily mean "brand-spanking-out-of-the-showroom new." It could be a preloved vehicle that's going to be your parking slot's long-term resident for the next several years or so.

First things first: Realize that buying a car is an investment and a losing proposition all at the same time. Choose right, and your purchase may lead to many meaningful experiences. Pick wrong, and your new vehicle may be something you'll regret buying. All cars depreciate; the rare few will become desirable classics (the very, very rare few).

Before purchasing a new car, ask yourself these questions:

1. Is it for practicality or pleasure?

2. Will it be a heavy-duty workhorse?

3. Will it be driven daily?

4. Will it be a people-mover or a precious pumpkin transporter?

5. Am I looking for a compact sporty car or a mud-slinging weekender?

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6. Will it be a long-distance remote hauler or a civilization-loving short-distance fun runner? Or will it be a low-key multifunction one-size-fits-many vehicle?

7. Should it be comfortable?

8. Will it be about all-out capability?

9. Should I opt for two-wheel drive or all-wheel drive?

10. Should I go for a gasoline guzzler or a diesel burner?

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Each choice comes with its own set of capabilities and compromises. A checklist of needs and wants is usefulas is a maximum cash-out limit. 

From a practical point of view, shop around for the least expensive car within your budget that you'd be willing to be seen in and which will serve you best. 

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