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Saving Strategies You've Never Tried

Take your savings to the next level with these ingenious life hacks.

Make your own Frappe.
You may think that an occasional Frappe is harmless. But over time, it can set you back by as much as P20,000 per year–that’s more than enough for a luxurious out-of-town vacay. And let’s not get started on the crapload of calories that it adds to your waistline. If you really can't function in the morning without your cup of indulgence, why not make your own instead of lining up at the nearest Starbucks? It's much cheaper and healthier because you can pick what goes in your drink. Plus, you can experiment and create your own special concoctions! Here’s a quick recipe to get you started!

Go for generic or store brands.
We all have an affinity for brands–the more well-known and pricier the product, the higher the quality. Or so we think. You might be surprised to find out that generic or store-based brands are just as effective and reliable as the leading ones. Plus, they’re easier on the pocket. So next time you go shopping, why not give generic brands a try? Swap your usual painkiller for a generic mefenamic acid; grab a store-brand cleaner instead of the pricier version. You’ll find out that generics can do the same job for less than the usual price.

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Take advantage of the free gym trials.  
How many times have you signed up for an annual gym membership only to bail out by the third month? Before you commit, "try before you buy." Many gyms and fitness centers provide free trials or first-timer passes, so that you can sample their offerings before you sign up. There’s no sweeter deal than getting a fitness session for free. For more savings, take it a step further and go gym-hopping for a couple of weeks or months. Not only do you get to sample new programs and try out the spanking new equipment, but you can also enjoy new surroundings and meet a new crowd every time.

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