Should You Try Job Hopping?

Weigh your options before making a decision.

As you climb up the corporate ladder, there will be opportunities that will force you to decide between staying in your current job or applying for another one. The question is, should you go ahead and grab every opportunity that comes your way?

Here's Why You Should Job Hop: 

You get to expand the scope of your work experience.

As you job hop, you will gain new skills from your new job and from the people you work with. Moreover, your new post may include attending seminars that were not available in your previous job. By job hopping, you can actually make yourself more “marketable.”

But Here's Why You Shouldn’t Job Hop:
You won’t be able to learn much.

People who hop from one job to the next in a matter of a few months can only do so much during the time they work on a particular project. If you will stay in a company for a few months before hopping on to the next, how do you expect to learn all the tricks of the trade? 


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