This Is How You Follow Up After A Job Interview

How do you do this without coming off as desperate?

Following up after a job interview is one of the most critical things you can do to help yourself stand out from the other applicants and land the job. In fact, more and more employers actually expect interested candidates to get in touch with them after an interview. But how do you do this without coming off as desperate? 

Send an email within 24 hours.
This is generally considered by employers as an appropriate form of thanks, as they’re used to getting these every day. Make sure you spell names properly and have the right email addresses. Remember to stay professional in the email and double check for simple spelling and grammatical errors.

Send an email within 24 hours of your interview to have a great impact. It’s likely the interviewer has met numerous other candidates during the day, so creating this line of communication will help the interviewer recall who you are, which will eventually make you stand out from the other applicants.

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Keep it short and sweet.
While you want to show an employer that you’re interested in the position, overdoing it might take you out of the shortlist completely.  There’s nothing worse than coming off as pushy and annoying to a potential employer. Limit it to 2-3 short paragraphs: thank the interviewer for their time, reiterate your continued interest in the position, and briefly summarize why you think you're a good match. You can also use this opportunity to clarify an issue you spoke about or specific questions that came up during the interview.

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