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5 Signs It's Time To Quit Your Toxic Job

Should you start updating your resume?
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Whenever we hear about someone who badly wants to quit her job, it's usually because:

  • She's not compensated fairly.
  • She's blatantly mistreated by her boss. 
  • She doesn't get along with her coworkers.

And while those are all valid reasons, there are some not-so-obvious signs we should start looking out for: 

1. You're no longer motivated.

Remember when you just started and you were bursting with ideas? You could barely contain your excitement. And you were more than willing to go above and beyond. Now, you're scraping by with the bare minimum. Yes, you get your work done, but you're also just hanging on for dear life until it's time to go home. 

2. You've been doing the same thing since Day 1. 

Feeling comfortable is one thing, but what if you haven't faced any challenges since you started your job? Professional growth and career advancement are all about pushing boundaries and learning through mistakes; it's about finding what works and what doesn't. Those can't happen if the role you have hasn't changed since you were hired. If you feel like upper management's the one holding you back and gluing you down to a job that doesn't serve you, it's time to go. 

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3. Your stress level never goes down.

Stress is normal...but not if you're always anxious about work. Don't get us wrong, some people thrive in high-pressure jobs. However, when you never have an appetite, when you can't seem to relax, or when your stomach's always in knots, consider those red flags. It might be time to explore other opportunities. 

4. You're annoyed at everything. 

If you catch yourself rolling your eyes over corny jokes, snapping at close friends for the simplest questions, and groaning every time someone approaches your work space, girl, check yourself. Not only are you miserable, you're bringing everybody down with you. And if you're thinking, hey, that's just my personality, are you just as irritable on the weekends or only when you're at work? Think about it. 

5. You've actually considered looking for a new job. 

People who are career driven are always curious about "what's out there" so they always know which positions are open. But it might be time to dust off your resume if you keep mentioning the possibility to friends and family on a regulay basis, like you're asking them to give you one final push to jump ship. 

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