You Can Actually Hire Someone To Come Up With Your Wedding Hashtag

Yes, this service exists.
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We all know how crazy expensive weddings can be—especially if you go all out on your special day. But one extremely savvy editor-turned-businesswoman just threw her hat in the ring, and this is what she has to offer: custom wedding hashtags.  

An editor at Los Angeles magazine, Marielle Wakim was the go-to person when her friends needed cute and funny hashtags for their weddings. Marielle told Glamour, “They were hoping I could come up with something more clever than #HillWedding2015.” She decided to capitalize on it.

Marielle charges $40 (P2,000) for a hashtag, $85 (P4,200) for three, and a whopping $115 (P5,700) for five, which covers both the bachelor and bachelorette parties. You’re probably thinking, There’s no way in hell I’d pay for that. But apparently, most of Marielle’s clients are millennials, which makes sense since we can’t imagine too many 40-year-olds are using hashtags anyway.  

So how does she do it? Marielle says, “I always look for a play on words with their names and kind of build out from there. But I would say it's most important to pick something as unique as possible, so that your photos aren't intermingled with 19,628 others on Instagram because the hashtag was too generic.”

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Good Morning America asked Marielle to come up with hashtags for some celebrity couples, and we've got to admit, she's pretty great at it. Here's what John Legend and Chrissy Teigen got: 

But this one, for George and Amal Clooney, takes the cake: 

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Can you see yourself paying for this kind of service? 

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