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Chicks Do A Summer Fashion Showdown OFF The Runway

When Cosmo attended a fashion walk-off event, we also spotted fasyon ladies among the audience. See what they were wearing.
There is no age limit when it comes to being fashionable, as proven by the ultimate summer fashion showdown featuring women in their 20s, 30s, and 40s held last week at Greenbelt 5. The Olay Body Age Defying Summer Fashion Walk-Off showed us that women over 30 can rock hot, skin-revealing ensembles, too. They need not cover themselves up in this heat when they've got youthful, soft skin to flaunt.

Veteran members of Professional Models Association of the Philippines (PMAP) like Joey Mead, Abbygale Arenas, Marina Benipayo, and Patty Betita strutted the runway, as they faced off against younger PMAP models like Sanya Smith, Phoemela Baranda, Valerie De Los Santos, and other models almost half their age. All of them strutted confidently, clad in the summer collections of Trucco, Warehouse, Dorothy Perkins, and Topshop,

As the models walked the runway and faced off in each segment, it became increasingly harder for Cosmo and the other guests to distinguish one age group from another. What we had an easy time spotting, however, were stylish women in chic summer outfits who were also there to witness the age-defying fashion walk-off. Some of them perhaps swear by Olay's promise of helping achieve youthful, glowing skin through moisturization brought by their products and use them religiously, but we also wanted to ask the other ladies: “What’s the best thing you ever did for your body?”

See their answers and check out what they wore to the hottest summer style showdown by clicking on the 'view gallery' button below.

Watch for our Party-Hopping coverage of the Olay Fashion Walk-Off tomorrow.
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