The Cheapest (And Cutest) Way To Get Your House Ready For Christmas

Oh Christmas tree! Oh Christmas tree!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/redgirl_books, (RIGHT) Instaram/kat_d_huskylover

If, for some reason, you're too busy (or too broke) to go all out on your Christmas decor, here's a tip to keep your home ~*festive*~ this month. People all over the world have been turning their favorite reads into a Christmas tree!

You can keep things simple by literally stacking the books and wrapping them with lights. As with anything with electricity, you need to make sure you turn off and unplug everything before you call it a night!

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Yes, that's The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks on top. 

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Or you can get a little creative with your book trees. 

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Either way, we all know it's who we're with that's important. Merry Christmas, CG!

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