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Do You Have A Toxic Relationship With Alcohol?

It's time to put down that glass, dear.

1. You drink whenever you feel anything but happy. May it be a breakup or fight with your boyfriend, frustration from school or work, or a family issue—you use alcohol to solve these problems. Drinking is your go-to remedy.

2. You drink to get drunk. You go beyond your limit even on not-so-special occasions. While all your friends are just chilling with a beer in hand, you’re on your 5th bottle. This isn’t counting the round of shots you intend to consume right after.

3. You cannot go a week without a drink. The thought of it seems impossible to you. You drink almost every day of the week that it’s already part of your routine. You just HAVE to have a drink, no questions asked.

4. You think you can’t have fun being sober. Your idea of fun revolves around alcohol. You can’t just ever end your Friday nights staying in and chilling at home. FOMO hits you hard when you can’t be out with your friends not because you’re missing their company, but because you’re missing the alcohol.

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5. You’ve been told to lay off the alcohol. SO MANY TIMES. All your loved ones have told you to take it easy but you don’t. You’ve gotten into so many arguments with them because of your actions when intoxicated. It’s already a given that you can’t handle your alcohol, but you still force yourself to drink anyway. 

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If you feel like you are suffering from alcohol abuse or you know someone who has a toxic relationship with alcohol, you can do something about it! Visit Alcoholics Anonymous Philippines for more information. 

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