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14 Foods That Always Get Endless Likes On Instagram

You'll double-tap that. And that. And...

Like watching cream swirl into iced coffee, or the DQ cashier perfectly swoop soft serve, there are certain foods that are just mesmerizing to gawk at—and the very best ones don't have to actually do anything. There are certain treats that go beyond food porn: People can't help but double-tap and tag their friends in them.

1. Smoothie bowls

Breakfast has never looked better, though we have to be honest: Most days we'd inhale the ingredients long before we'd ever get the chance to artfully arrange them into edible masterpieces.

2. Latte art 

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Intricately patterned or tiled floors are so hot right now (just search #IHaveThisThingWithFloors or #DSFloors for proof), so consider it a like double-whammy if you hold your java over a mosaic. 

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3. Piles of fries

I just want to eat one... hundred of them. By the fistful.

4. Pizza faces

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We're all about playing with our food, especially if it means turning one gross nickname (or All That character) into one awesomely quirky photo.

5. Overloaded chocolate milkshakes

Australia's famous "freakshakes" have inspired us all to top ours with whole brownies, bags of pretzels, gobs of whipped cream, and rivers of fudge sauce. Basically, it should look like you've raided a bakery and crammed its entire inventory into a Vitamix. 

Just make sure you try one with a true friend—that way he or she can Instagram you passed out in a food coma 30 minutes after drinking it.

6. Mounds of cookie dough

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Many of Picky Palate's most-liked Instagrams are gooey cookies—and especially, the mountains of dough before the treats make it to the oven. 

7. Mega burgers

The gooier the cheese, the better.

8. Anything with an egg on it

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It's less of a category, more of a way of life: If your meal is a little meh, put an egg on it. If your meal is awesome and you want it to be more awesome, put an egg on it. If your meal is terrible, throw it in the trash. And go get brunch. With an egg.

9. Gooey s'mores

Because nothing says "Life is good" like molten marshmallow and chocolate. And nothing says "Life is great" like a leaning tower of s'mores. When you want s'more, you want s'more, OK?

10. Poolside cocktails

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Look at you, Lauren Conrad, living your best life and kicking back with an icy beverage. The shot is one of her most popular food photos, outperforming an OMG-How-many-hours-did-that-take-to-make?! apple pie that looks like a rosehomemade marshmallows, and a chocolate mouse.

11. Sweets turned into shot glasses

I don't think this is what LMFAO had in mind when they penned the classic toe-tapper "Shots," but I'm OK with that. (If you love the idea of marshmallow shots, you need to try these mini ice cream cone shots, too.)

12. Doughnuts

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California Donut's panda-esque sweets get all the attention, but even the basic symmetry of a dozen glazed can be strangely soothing to look at. You may laugh, but just take a look at Krispy Kreme's Instagram and tell me you're not wondering whether the Hot & Fresh sign is on at your local shop.

13. Ice cream cones with rainbow sprinkles

I don't care who you are: Looking at a swirl of soft serve covered in rainbow sprinkles is like watching a baby kitten sneeze—you can't help smiling. It's a little moment of zen (and pop of color) in your Insta feed.

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