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These Famous Souffle Pancakes Have Arrived In Manila To Heal Your Soul

This is killing me souffle...hehehe.
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Only one thing can happen when you combine soufflés and pancakes, and that's magic. 

In 2017, launched in Hong Kong, and they became an instant hit when they introduced their Crème Brulee Soufflé Pancake. It made everyone weak in the knees. 

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Isn't she beautiful?

You probably know what a pancake is, but what exactly is a soufflé? The French word means "to fluff" or "to inflate," which makes sense because unlike pancakes, these babies aren't flat; soufflés are ~fluffy~ for five to ten minutes before they fall.'s Original Soufflé Pancake is made out of: Original cream, Japanese flour, fresh eggs, and absolutely no preservatives. 

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The good news is you won't have to go abroad to taste 'em. They've finally opened their first branch in the country in Ayala Malls Manila Bay! Apart from their bestsellers in Hong Kong, which includes a Lava Pudding Soufflé Pancake, they'll also be integrating local flavors into their menu. 

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