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Attention Wine Drinkers: Blue Wine Exists!

Wine not?
PHOTO: Instagram/giklive

If you’re not a fan of red or white or even pink wine, maybe you should try Gik’s blue wine! Gik, a Spanish entrepreneurial winemaker, had a soft (online) launch of their sweet, electric blue wine last year, but is now FINALLY considering launching it in European markets soon. One can only hope that it makes its way to the Philippines ASAP.

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Gik's blue wine targets millennial drinkers, which makes sense because a 750ml bottle will only cost around $11 or P510. 

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This blue beauty is the product of Gik’s collab with University of the Basque and Food Tech. If you’re wondering what makes it blue, it is the result of mixing red and white grapes with organic pigments of indigo and anthocyanin (from grape skins).

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Surprisingly, none of the people behind Gik has any winemaking experience. They just wanted to create something innovative, mostly because they are disappointed by Spain’s wine industry: "We were raised in a country with a strong wine culture, but wine has always been a beverage put on a pedestal. So we thought about how it would be to have real people making wine for real people, not a wine made by experts to pseudo-connoisseurs."

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Thanks for breaking the rules, Gik! 

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