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Cebu Pacific's New In-Flight Meals Will Make You Look Forward To Eating During Your Flight

There are also options for vegetarian passengers.

Traveling is a double-edged sword. You're both excited and stressed, even before you get to the airport. One of the things I've been taught to do is to eat a full meal before I even leave the house because airport food is too expensive and airplane food is bad. Barely edible, they say!

Cebu Pacific is here to silence the haters! They recently introduced a new inflight menu that's all about your favorite Pinoy comfort foods. Described as "homey," their selection includes Beef Salpicao, Lechon Paksiw, and even Pinoy Spaghetti! 

Beef Salpicao Cebu Pacific
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Lechon Paksiw Cebu Pacific
Pinoy Spaghetti Cebu Pacific
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I know I'm always craving Singaporean food so I was elated to also see Hainanese Chicken Rice on the menu. 

Hainanese Chicken Rice Cebu Pacific

If, however, you don't feel like having anything heavy, opt for their new sandwiches instead: the Roasted Chicken Sandwich and the Crab Salad Sandwich. 

Roasted Chicken Sandwich Cebu Pacific
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Crab Salad Sandwich Cebu Pacific

Vegetarians need not worry: Cebu Pacific didn't forget about you! Enjoy their Veggie Pesto Sandwich, which consists of tomato, lettuce and mozzarella, and ciabatta bread.

Veggie Pesto Sandwich Cebu Pacific
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All of these and more are available for pre-order once you've booked a flight with Cebu Pacific. Director for Inflight Catering and Sales JB Bueno shared in a press release, "Our meals being on pre-order also helps us guarantee less food wastage, and is in line with efforts towards more sustainable practices and operations."

Visit to learn more about the new inflight meals and pre-order at least 24 hours before the flight.

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