Cosmo Recommends: Experience Thailand's Exotic, Flavorful Cuisine HERE

Go on a foodie adventure and sample the unique flavors of Thai dishes in this newly opened restaurant in Quezon City!

When you love to eat, it's easy to feel like you're running out of dining options. Good thing there's always a new restaurant or hangout that keeps popping up around the metro. If, for a change, you would like an exotic culinary adventure, we dare you to tickle your palate with the exquisite flavor of Thai cuisine. What really makes Thai food unique is its distinct blend of each of the five basic tastes: sweet, sour, salty, spicy, and, sometimes, bitter. The result? A sensual explosion of flavors that'll perk up your dining experience!

Check out the newly-opened Mango Tree Bistro at TriNoma in Quezon City, the first branch in the Philippines of one of Bangkok's most popular restaurant chains, with branches in Dubai, Macau, Tokyo, Kuching, Busan, and London. Here, you definitely won't run out of food choices, considering their extensive menu of authentic Thai dishes from all four regions of Thailand. You can take your pick from their salads, curry, Pad Thai (Thai-style noodles), grilled meat and dips, vegetarian dishes, and rice. They prepare their dishes with the freshest meat, seafood, fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices, to make the food not only tasty but healthy as well.

For starters, try the Yam Som-O, which is pomelo fruit salad dressed in Thai herbs and spices, and sprinkled with roasted beans and shredded coconut. We also recommend the Thai staple Pad Thai Goong, a dish of Thai stir-fried noodles topped with big shrimps wrapped inside a golden omelet, served with crispy fresh vegetables--all made with Mango Tree's secret recipe.

You can also sample refreshing cocktails during or after your meal. A definite must-try is the Mango Tree Bellini, a signature concoction of mango fruit, orange juice, peach, vodka, and sangria blended with ice. A caveat: it's so yummy, you won't notice you're already getting a bit tipsy!

Just like its counterparts abroad, Mango Tree in TriNoma boasts of chic, cozy interiors. Its plush, comfy seats, modern decor, and sophisticated vibe will make your dinner date, barkada get-together, or family reunion feel extra-special and sosyal. It's like experiencing modern Bangkok and traditional Thailand at the same time, without having to leave Metro Manila!

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