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Struggles You Go Through If Fast Food Gives You ~*Life*~

PHOTO: Jico Joson,

1. Your daily dinner is a burger and fries combo.

It might not be healthy, but it’s delicious AF!

2. Dealing with the judging looks strangers give you when you order extra-large everything!

A girl’s gotta eat! #sorrynotsorry

3. Having to accept the fact that you’re the girl in the barkada who eats like an animal.

Salads might be healthy, but they’re no fun at all.

4. Having a personal relationship with the operator on the other line.

Not only does she know your fave meal and your address, plus contact details, she’s also aware of your love woes, BFF troubles, and familial ties. She just gets you. "Oh, you just broke up with your boyfriend? Do you want extra nuggets, too?"

5. You unbutton your pants to make way for you fast food belly.

Don’t fight the bulge—embrace it.

6. Always forgiving your boyfriend right after an argument because he takes you to McDo or Jollibee.


The #bae knows.

7. Feeling totally lazy right after chowing down on all that fast food goodness.

You + fast food = zero productivity.

8. Always telling yourself that you won’t eat fast food anymore.

Stop kidding yourself, CG! It’s fine, just like anything else in life, make sure to do it in moderation. 

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