Kendall Jenner Has An Intense Passion For Pasta

Kenny knows—carbs are life.
PHOTO: Andres Otero/

We have a special announcement: Kendall Jenner is human after all.

In what may be her most relatable moment yet, Kendall gushed about her one true love on her app this week: PASTA. Kenny wrote, "My love for pasta knows no limits."

Girl, preach.

She continued, "Seriously, there’s nothing better than digging into a bowl of fresh, delicious spaghetti bolognese! And, when it comes to what type I order, I definitely don’t discriminate (but anything with truffles is an added bonus)."

Here are some of Kendall’s favorite pasta spots:

1. Il Pastaio (California, USA)

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2. Bar Pitti (New York, USA)

3. Bocca Di Lupo (London, England)

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4. Da Danilo (Rome, Italy)

Now, who else is hungry?

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