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Have A Digital Detox And Listen To Old-School Records In This Cafe

Perfect for your #throwback posts.
PHOTO: Jean Saturnino, Kevin Rosales, Daniel Ocrisma

iTunes and Spotify are great, but if you’re in the mood for a throwback afternoon, then head over to Satchmi and listen to some records.

Though Satchmi has fought hard to stay true to their love for music, they’ve also revamped their space in Fashion Hall to reach people outside their niche. Their café, which arguably serves the best coffee in Megamall, is all about gourmet comfort foods: Lasagna Soup or Cheesesteak Soup, anyone?

Satchmi keeps the vibe comfortable and familiar, but also presents things in a refreshingly different way. We’re definitely feeling it.

VIDEO: Jean Saturnino, Kevin Rosales, Daniel Ocrisma. 

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