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The Most Annoying Drink To Order During A Flight

Every second counts.
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Anybody who truly knows me is aware of my Coke Light (or Diet Coke) obsession. If I could live my life with an IV bag filled with Coke Light strapped to my body, I would. But, apparently, not everyone is as fond of Coke Light as I am (shocker).

According to a flight attendant, Coke Light takes the longest to pour and serve. Because the cabin isn't pressurized, soft drinks foam up more when poured out of a can, with [Coke Light] being the worst one: "I literally have to sit and wait for the bubbles to fall before I can continue pouring.

So when somebody asks for it during a flight, it's an inconvenience, especially because we all know everyone's impatience is magnified on a plane, and flight attendants are just trying to keep it together. 

Someone actually came up with a hack on how to speed up the process though: 

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