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Pinterest Reports That People Are Looking Up Filipino Desserts Way More Now!

I mean, duh.
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The holidays may be over, but I bet you're *still* dreaming about that bibingka you had during noche buena (and again the next morning...and perhaps even for merienda a few hours later, lol). There's just so much to love about our local desserts, which is why it doesn't come as a surprise that people are becoming more interested in what we have to offer.

As part of their 2020 trend report, Pinterest revealed that Filipino desserts are all the rave on their platform—specifically, food "with tastes of coconut, banana and purple ube." This makes perfect sense to me because I literally made my own version of a fruit salad, which only included *my* essential ingredients: cream, evaporated milk, corn, and a lot of nata de coco. Judge me all you want, but this is totally the hill I'm willing to die on. 

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According to Pinterest, searches for Filipino desserts shot up by +76 percent, with most of the searches coming from the UAE and Saudi Arabia. 

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Check out Pinterest's full report here