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Rainbow Christmas Bagels Are Here And They're Festive AF

Buddy the Elf would be dead for these.
PHOTO: Instagram/squarebarcafe

It's been quite a year for bagels. Rainbow bagelsOreo bagels, and now: Christmas bagels. Yup. Red and green festive AF Christmas bagels.

Made with food coloring to create colorful swirls, the Christmas bagel can be found at Square Bar Café in San Diego, California.

You can get the bagel with whatever cream cheese you please—and the café has plenty of options—like Oreo, Fruity Pebbles, or cookie butter.

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In addition to their Christmas bagel, Square Bar Café is known for insane food masterpieces that certainly qualify as dessert porn. They make ice cream cones covered in treats—like cookies and fruit loops—and then top them with cereal bars and sprinkles.

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They also have cheesy pizza bagels that are very sexy. Look at that cheese pull.

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And then there's the massive macaron ice cream sandwiches.

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