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WATCH: A Mukbanger Tries Crispy Pata + Lechon For The First Time

As well as adobo, pancit palabok, and ube!
PHOTO: Youtube/Stephanie Soo

Let's get this out of the way: For everyone who doesn't know what a "mukbang" is, it is a show or video of someone consuming large amounts of food while talking to an audience. 

That said, Stephanie Soo is one of my all-time favorite mukbangers. I only discovered her this year, after watching several other mukbangers eating crab legs (it's a thing). I hardly ever have the time (or the patience) to watch a 30+ minute video, but I look forward to hers because it's so fascinating to see a tiny woman stuffing her face. 

She also has these ridiculous but entertaining conspiracy theories that surprisingly don't annoy me so I'm hooked from start to finish. Stephanie has done a Jollibee mukbang (she's obsessed with Chickenjoy, duh), but this is her first time trying an authentic Filipino spread, which includes lechon, crispy pata, pancit palabok, an adobo sandwich, and an ube dessert. 

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After trying "pork belly," Stephanie goes, "I think I love Filipino food." She tries the adobo sandwich next, and understandably, she's like, eh. COULD'VE BEEN BETTER WITH RICE, and she's correct. The crispy pata hits the spot though, "My senses are blown that I don't know how to talk right now."

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