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F4's Vanness Wu Has Opened 2 New Bakeries

Fans flocked the bakeries when they officially opened!
PHOTO: (LEFT) Instagram/bakecultureusa, (RIGHT) Instagram/kinrealestate

I'm convinced that 20, 30, 50 years from now, we'll still all be curious about what the members of F4 are doing, thanks to the GENIUS that is Meteor Garden

Speaking of, the Internet has been buzzing about Vanness Wu because he just opened two branches of a popular Taiwan-based bakery called Bake Culture. Both new branches are in New York.

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But he didn't do this alone. He launched Bake Culture with Chun Wu and Calvin Chen, both of whom were in the Taiwanese boy band, Fahrenheit. Of course, where these boys go, fan girls follow. 

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According to the website, Bake Culture "will feel like a trip to a museum because this is a place where customers can learn about the origin and background of different types of bread."

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They have more than just bread, though. Bake Culture, which has branches in China, Taiwan, and Brunei, also serves egg tarts, pineapple cakes, chocolate cakes, and fruit tarts. 

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How about a branch in Manila? Fingers crossed. 

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