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Why You Should Drink Red Wine Right Now

Raise your glass!

1. It contains antioxidants.
According to, red wine has antioxidants called polyphenols which help protect your heart. Reservatrol in particular helps prevent damage to blood vessels and reduces the bad cholesterols in your body. An awesome first step to wellness, don’t you think?

2. It helps you feel fuller, longer.
When you pair wine with food, "it slows down the stomach’s emptying time, and potentially decreases  the amount of food intake," explains Dr. Agatston, creator of the South Beach Diet. If you’re looking to lose weight, this might be a great idea to try out!

3. It boosts your brain power.
A glass of red wine can actually keep your brain sharper than ever. According to research scientist Philippe Marambaud, the antioxidants found in red wine can hamper the formation of beta-amyloid protein that happens to be the key ingredient in the plaque found in patients with Alzheimer's.

4. It helps fight off a potential flu.
According to a study done by the American Journal of Epidemiology, people who drank more than 14 weekly glasses of red wine for a whole year became 40% less likely to get the common cold or the flu. It was discovered that the antioxidants in red wine help fight infections and protect your body’s cells.

5. It keeps you sexy.
Did you know that drinking a glass of red wine helps maintain your weight? According to the Journal of Biological Chemistry, the compound piceatannol which is found in wine helps block the pathways necessary for immature fat cells to grow. Now who says wine can’t help make you hot? 

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