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PSA: A Feminist Bookstore Is About To Open In Cubao

Finally, a space where women can feel safe and secure.
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One of the struggles that we, as women, collectively experience is not having enough spaces where we can feel truly safe and secure. Every day, we face numerous adversities that prevent us from fully expressing who we are. 

This is why Gantala Press, an independent, volunteer-run, non-profit literary collective, is opening a feminist bookstore. They believe that it can serve as a space where “women can feel safe and secure, freely create and make choices, be ourselves and see ourselves in others.”

Since 2015, the collective has organized numerous women-centered events, such as workshops, discussions, exhibitions, and fairs. They also publish books, informative pamphlets, and 'zines that are written by women whose voices are not usually heard. 

According to Gantala Press’ GoGetFunding page, here’s how they plan on using the space:

  1. It shall serve as an informal yet important resource center for/on women in the Philippines, especially since we plan to open an archive of feminist small press publications collected from the annual Gandang-ganda sa Sariling Gawa! all-women art fair and expo.
  2. It will make the artworks of emerging and independent woman writers and artists, and art collectives, available to the public.
  3. It will allow us to organize more activities such as forums, exhibitions, and workshops, especially activities that are oriented towards oppressed, marginalized, and discriminated women—peasant women fleeing the militarized countryside, union workers on strike, or widows of victims of extrajudicial killings trying to survive.
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The funds will be used to cover the cost of operations for at least two years, during which they "seek to facilitate income-generating activities to sustain the space and the feminist work that it is able to foster."

If you would like to help Gantala Press build this feminist bookstore, you can get in touch with them through Instagram or donate via their GoGetFunding page.

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