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Horoscope: Everything You Need To Know About Gemini

Meet Gemini, the zodiac’s fast-moving and quick-thinking twins.
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May 21 to June 21

Symbol: The Twins

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Best Love Match: Virgo

Famous Gemini: John F. Kennedy

Geminis are tough to pin down. If they’re not hopping from one job, one home, or one relationship to the next, their minds are always flitting off to some other place. The world offers too many distractions for a Gemini. But trust these spin doctors to justify their short attention spans with their undying interest in everything that’s going on.

At work, Gemini multitasks like a pro.

When Gemini hits the jackpot and ends up in a job that needs a team player who’ll be on the field and off their desks, moving from one task to the next (and then to the next), their performance skyrockets. Geminis can make great task rabbits or temps—awesome pinch hitters, they can see to it that everything’s resolved and done, within a short timeframe. In more corporate settings, they’ll willingly juggle different projects at a time—anything so they’re not tied to just one potentially boring job.

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High-pressure work environments will do well with a Gemini, who can manipulate their Google calendar like its no one’s business. If there’s one more thing that needs to get done, you can trust them to fit it into their already busy schedules. These team players thrive in a group think environment where everyone chips in.

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Uncomfortable as bosses, Geminis would rather spread authority around rather than be the one everyone turns to at the end of the day. Their fun-loving personality is a boon to any office environment, but their tendency to gossip can also cause some trouble.

In love, Gemini is a lot of fun.

Because Gemini can’t sit still in one place (and sometimes with one person) for an extended period, their love life can be as fun to watch as any show you’re bingeing on Netflix. These dynamic folks don’t mind being the subject of discussion either—they never take themselves seriously and can laugh it all off.

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It’s important for Geminis to be with a partner that can tether them back to earth without boring them to death. While they like to spice things up in a relationship, they also have a tendency to take things way over the top. Their flightiness needs to be matched by someone who appreciates the spontaneity but can rein them in too. A perfect partner for Gemini is someone who calls them out when they flake on a date, but will appreciate their bursts of inspired, intellectual discourse.

As the Twins, Gemini can often flip from one train of thought to the next without warning. This two-track mind can cause trouble in relationships, especially when they go off on their partner for acting a certain way, but think it’s totally justified when it’s them acting out. (Hello, double standard).

Gemini is there for their friends—in good times.

Expect Gemini to show up for every party, every powwow involving someone’s exciting new Tinder and Bumble matches, and every popcorn flick. She’ll throw herself a hundred per cent into anything that’s fun. But the minute any tension starts to sneak itself in—if someone needs to vent about a cheating boyfriend, a marriage on the fritz, or something equally serious, you can expect Gemini to tap out. Anything uncomfortable turns them into a nervous wreck and it’s something they can’t handle.

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Try not to take it against them, it’s Gemini’s first instinct to bust through the door when things take a downward turn. That said, if you really need someone to talk to, they’ll be around and offer you advice, even. Just make sure you can keep up with their words, which come at lightning speed. Geminis aren’t aware that not everyone are as quick-witted as them. They’re typically a hundred steps ahead of anyone’s typical logic and reasoning (just a sign of how smart these thinkers are).

In family matters, Gemini is elusive.

Gemini is aware of their family obligations and will certainly show up if need be. They’ll keep their presence minimal though, because they’ve got a lot of other stuff going on in their lives and can’t be bothered to shake them off. Friends and family can’t take offense, it’s not that Gemini doesn’t want to put in the time, it’s just that there’s too many other things and people to take care of.

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This isn’t to say that Gemini is unreliable 24/7. When things aren’t on the up and up with family, whether it’s a problem that needs to be resolved, a death, or even an argument that needs to be settled, everyone else can rely on them to keep the mood light.

Their opinions can border on irreverence, but Geminis have a knack for understanding that sometimes, a cheeky little anecdote is just the thing everyone needs to get their heads out of their butts. It’s how they handle stress—Geminis will either disappear completely, or try to be as positive as possible, if slightly inappropriate.

Gemini needs to relax to feel healthy.

Gemini’s main friend and foe is their nervous system. Their highly developed flight or fight response has them rushing around, getting things done. It’s a great survival tactic that keeps them fueled and forward-looking. That said, it’s also their nervous system that has them so wired they can’t deal.

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Mental health needs to be the primary focus of Geminis who can feel out of whack the way everyone does when Mercury Retrograde hits. Meditation is a must to help them train their fast-paced brains to slow down.

Gemini needs to take all possible measures to keep themselves away from gadgets before bedtime. If they can do a self-imposed digital detox too, just to keep themselves away from manic scrolling, they’ll find that they can live more relaxed and peaceful.

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