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16 Things You'll Understand If You Hate Getting Phone Calls

You get anxious when people you haven’t talked to in years text you, 'Hi, can I call?'
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1. You get anxious when people you haven’t talked to in years text you, “Hi, can I call?”

Unless you like this person and there’s a chance he’s calling to profess his undying love to you after all these years, you are going to assume that this is an attempt to recruit you to a networking program and therefore a complete waste of your time.

2. You get more anxious when they just straight-up call you without warning.

Not even a text sent beforehand to give you a heads-up? How can these people live with themselves?!

3. And you get even more anxious if the call is from an unknown number.

And if it’s an unknown, foreign phone number? FORGET IT.

4. When your curiosity wins out and you pick up that call from an unknown number, it turns out to just be—TA-DAH!—a sales call.

That should teach you never to entertain unknown numbers ever again.

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5. You get suspicious when people start a phone call with small talk.

It’s all you can do not to go all Noah Calhoun in The Notebook by throwing your hands up and demanding, “What do you want?! WHAT-DO-YOU-WANT?!”

6. You get annoyed when people call you about stuff they could’ve easily told you via text, email, or instant messenger.

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Seriously, don’t these people have a text feature on their phones?

7. Sometimes when you answer, it turns out that the caller had merely pocket-dialed you, and you can’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

It was all a mistake. Everything’s all right with the world now.

8. When you’re busy and the phone’s ringing breaks your focus, it’s all you can do not to throw the damn thing across the room.

It’s too sudden, too invasive, it pulls you out of the zone you’re in, and you’re JUST. NOT. READY.

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9. You sometimes let the phone ring forever, hoping it will make the caller give up and send you a text instead.

Which is what he should’ve done in the first place, amirite?!

10. Sometimes you actually pretend not to hear your phone ringing or feel it vibrating.

Even when other people around you alert you that it’s ringing, you dedma your way out of picking up by saying, “Ah, wala 'yan!”

11. And when the caller doesn’t text to supply you with details after their missed call, you feel vindicated in your annoyance.

It wasn’t important after all! Thanks so much for the unnecessary intrusion, bud!

12. You do feel guilty about not picking up, so you text “Hey, sorry I missed your call; I left my phone!” when all this time your phone has just been shrieking at you like a police siren from a foot away.

You will go to hell for all these lies that you’ve told.

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13. You’re overcome with dread when you get a call late at night.

Is there an emergency? Is someone dead? Why else would anyone be calling you at 10:30 p.m. when you’re already in your pajamas?! *panic ensues*

14. That favorite song of yours that you set as your ringtone years ago? YOU HATE IT NOW.

Remember when you used to get excited every time Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off” came on the radio? Yeah, good times.

15. You yourself don’t call anyone unless there’s an urgent need that has to be dealt with immediately.

You’re ~considerate~ like that.

16. Once a phone call you didn’t want to answer in the first place is actually done, you realize that it wasn’t so bad.

But if that phone rings again, you swear you’re going to throw the damn thing across the room.

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