12 Gorgeous Closets We Can’t Stop Dreaming About

A girl can dream, right?
PHOTO: Instagram/girlssweatglitter_

2016 is almost over, and you’ve probably started thinking about all the changes you want to make in 2017, right? So why not start early? Donate all the *stuff* you no longer use, and make room for all the wonderful things the New Year could bring (yes, we’re talking about shoes—just kidding). Seriously though, we’re sure your wardrobe can use a major makeover. Here are 15 stunning closets to help keep you ~*inspired!*~ 

We’re not saying your closet’s going to end up looking this glamorous, but a little sprucing up never hurt.

Can we all just agree these closets are every monochrome-obsessed girl's dream come true?

These two look like they belong in Elsa's exquisite frozen castle.

A little something for all the girly girls out there.

We could also go completely Carrie Bradshaw with this. 

But, you know, who needs clothes when you have shoes?

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