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15 Things You Will Hear During Your High School Barkada Reunion

"Remember the time when..."

“OMG, guess who’s engaged/pregnant?!”

“Girl, you lost so much weight! What’s your secret? Are you on a diet?”

“Did you bring *insert ex-boyfriend’s name*? Oh shit, you broke up? I’m so sorry!”

“How’s work? Do you love or hate your job?”

“GUYS, group pic!!!”

“Wait, why isn’t ___ here? She missed our last reunion also! Let's call her!”

“Remember Ms. E, our Science teacher? She added me on Facebook. Dude, her selfies make me so uncomfortable.”

“Remember the time when *insert funny/embarrassing/unforgettable high school memory*.”

“Let’s have lunch sometime next week. I’ll text you!”
(Yeah, right.)

“Ahhhhhhh! I can’t believe you’re here! I miss you sooo much!”

“Sorry guys, I have to leave na. I have work tomorrow, eh.”

“SHOTS!” 10 minutes later… *WHY DID I DO THAT?!* 

“I have a super cute officemate who’s single. Want me to set you up?”

“I bumped into your prom date the other day, the guwapo one! I think he’s still single. Avail!”

“Okay, real talk: who’s getting married next in the barkada?”

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